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Jan 15, 2022
ManicBlue Truly Addicted User
RE: How can anyone say that he's better? He's a DL coach of a nonP5 team. He
Why don't you look at Maile's track record as the DC for Utah St from 2016-2018. His defense got better EVERY year and so did the team's record. Also, he's the Assistant Head Coach of Boise St and the DL coach. Btw, the DL at Boise St is light years better than our DL which Tuiaki is also over. Maile has been a DC, interim HC, and is now, Assistant HC. He's moving up the ladder. Tuiaki hasn't.

Don't forget your boy Tuiaki is also a coach at a non-P5 team.

Tuiaki has had SIX years to show us improvement but has failed to do so. Why do you think he deserves more time? We're headed into the Big 12 so why waste any more time on a guy who won't change or improve? He's a nice guy but so was Detmer.
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