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Jan 24, 2022
TheDMan22 Walk-on
It is nice to see the warm (and interesting!) comments about my Dad, Coach Roger Reid. We had a great time commiserating with the legendary 1981 team on Saturday night, enjoying shootaround, dinner, and the game-time festivities. Danny Ainge is our collective hero, of course, and my Dad's time with him on the Phoenix Suns bench was very special. Also, Coach Pope has been great to my father, inviting him to practices and games, and sitting down with him to discuss X&Os. Like many have said before, my Pops may be the greatest X&O tactician we’ve ever had. Just an incredible motivator too. At almost 77, he still has the same fire in the basement. He now spends most of his time caring for my dear mother; it has been the greatest challenge of his life.

I sat on the bench and traveled with the team while growing up, the consummate ball boy. My life was the gym and the Cougar locker room. It was a special and profound experience. Too many stories to tell. My best memories range from 1985-1995. While folks are reminiscing, I couldn’t help but share some of the following things, appreciating my Dad’s accomplishments that ran through the program from 1978-1996.

• The Big Numbers: As head coach, 152-77, 3 WAC Titles, 2 WAC Tournament Championships, 5 Tourney Appearances, 1 NIT Appearance. During my Dad’s 11 years as an assistant, he went to 6 NCAA Tourneys and recruited and coached up some of the best players in BYU history. (His contributions on the sidelines during those years are hard to overstate, as many who know know).
• The League: As head coach, he went 83-37 in a very competitive WAC filled with fantastic players and coaches: Rick Majerus, Don Haskins, Stu Morrill, Jerry Tarkanian, Benny Dees, Dave Bliss, Larry Eustachy, etc. So many great battles!
• The Big Games: BYU went 18-10 against what I would call marquee out-of-conference matchups. Some of the memorable wins: Louisville, Memphis, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Florida, St. Johns, SMU, Virginia, Princeton, Texas Tech, Miss State, South Carolina, Santa Clara (w/Nash), Arizona State. Some of the memorable losses where we played well: Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, LSU, and Michigan.
• The Utes: 8-7 against Majerus. Enough said. Those 80s/90s battles will never be equaled--just a different era.
• Most thrilling wins: the two WAC tourney championships—beating Utah and UTEP (Kevin Nixon!); beating Memphis and Oklahoma in the Maui Tournament (Nixon again!) and Louisville and OK State in the Great Alaska Shootout; Robbie’s legendary shot at the Huntsman Center for the win; crushing Keith Van Horn and Utah in the WAC tournament; beating Virginia and SMU in the Big Dance; Robbie’s buzzer beater at San Diego State; and countless other conference wins against the Utes, in the Pit, at Fresno State, etc.
• A few often overlooked moments: (1) My Dad drew up an incredible in-bounds play to beat Clemson in the final seconds of the first round of the 1989 NCAA tournament. Andy Toolson threw a perfect alley-oop pass to the brilliant Marty Haws, who unfortunately missed the layup, otherwise we advance; (2) we were under-seeded (surprise) but unfairly matched up with Shaquille O’Neal—that 1993 team was Sweet 16 caliber; (3) over five straight years, my Dad’s teams averaged 80 points per game—offensively he was just a brilliant tactician, his teams scoring so efficiently; (4) my Dad’s use of multiple defenses, and implementing their intricacies, was a thing of beauty—Rick Majerus still had no clue we were in a matchup zone and ultimately sought help from George Karl to figure it out in the off season; (5) 14-0 against Air Force—my Dad’s teams almost always beat the people they should, he always treated those as big-time games; (6) 11-1 against Utah State; (7) two-time District Coach of the year; and (8) Jeff Chatman’s son Jordan’s middle name: Reid. My Dad was responsible for getting Chatman to campus and it changed both of their lives forever.

So many other great stories to share about the players, the wonderful people (Brother J!), and the competitive spirit that fueled my Dad’s time there. Thanks everyone for indulging my first-time post. And thanks for the trips down memory lane!
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