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Jan 25, 2022
Penske Material All-American
Am I missing something? Big plot hole in True Grit from what I see.
In the famous shootout clip there are 4 bad guys - but only 3 get killed.......

Rooster kills Harold Parmalee at 00:50.
Rooster kills Ferral Parmalee at 01:02.
LaBouef kills Lucky Ned at 01:58.

But Doc/Doctor is never killed. It shows him slide off to the side of his horse for protection at 00:58 - but there's no indication he's even shot let alone killed. Am I nuts, or am I just to infer that right after he slides off the side of his horse when it shows Rooster shoot in his direction (00:59) that this killed him? It's an okay movie otherwise.
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