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Jan 28, 2022
Sock Gnome All-American
I love Pope, but he needs to find himself some offensive coaching help because..
...what they're doing right now isn't working.

1. The weave is not an effective offense, particularly with this group of players. It regular results in awkward handoffs, poor spacing, low-percentage shots, shot-clock violations, and turnovers. BYU currently ranks #126 in scoring offense, #147 in field-goal percentage, and #242 in turnovers. Pope needs to insert some half-court sets to create better percentage shots. The losses of Baxter and Harward have certainly created some limitations on offense, but this is even a bigger reason to adjust your offense.

2. Current inbounds plays are inexcusable. BYU's inbounds plays while being pressured look like chaotic scramble drills. This is something you can easily implement, practice, and improve.

3. Lohner is being put in a position of failure on offense. Putting him outside the perimeter or trying to have him dribble and drive to the basket in a crowded lane is not helping him develop offensively. This often results in offensive fouls, turnovers, and airballs/bricks. He needs some easier set shots close to the basket to gain back confidence (and probably a sports psychologist). Furthermore, putting Lohner outside the perimeter does not help with spacing but instead results in a double team on someone else (like Barcello), as opponents realize there is no point in guarding Lohner that far out as he will miss the shot and can't drive to the basket.

4. BYU is ok at free-throw shooting percentage (not great, currently #94), but they rank #131 in free-throw attempts. If you aren't making shots, the next best thing is to find a way to get yourself to the line more often. Also, work to improve your free-throw shooting so you take advantage of those free points when you're given the opportunity.
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