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Jan 28, 2022
BYU I Bleed Blue All-American
After last night's loss I will be glad to leave the WCC, even if it means more
losses in the Big 12. I would honestly rather lose to teams from the Big 12 where it will be a battle every night, than to play the WCC teams outside of Gonzaga, SMC, and USF that won't hurt our SOS when we play them. Even if Santa Clara didn't hurt our SOS last night, I just can't stand playing them, or USD, Pacific, et. al.

1. I would always rather play the Big 12 teams than the WCC teams other than what I mentioned. Just can't stand losing games like last night, as well as dealing with these refs from the WCC.

2. So many times watching these WCC games I just shake my head at watching so many of the non-calls when AB is getting mugged and no call. Drives me crazy.

3. I know that there will still be referee errors in the Big 12 but I don't think they will be as egregious as in the WCC.

4. Playing a big-time schedule in the Big 12, having to bring it every night, will sure provide me with more joy in watching the games than just hoping that BYU can hold on to beat the Santa Claras in their little gyms.

5. I would much rather have every Big 12 team with a H-H every season than just thinking about our WCC schedule.

Thanks to the WCC for providing a landing spot for our various teams when we left the MWC but I so look forward to the Big 12, even if it will also mean more losses.
BYU I Bleed Blue
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