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May 9, 2022
mvtoro Scrub
Ok. A BYU fan who constantly posts about Utah on CB proves he’s obsessed with Utah. But YOU posting on here proves that
you’re obsessed with BYU. Only more so.

That’s what you keep intentionally missing.

Because it’s COUGARboard, any post about Utah is necessarily about their comparison to BYU. Or it wouldn’t be on this board. And yes, some on here obsess more about that comparison and post about Utah v BYU a lot. They obsess about their rival. That’s not uncommon in rivalries at all.

But that’s 100% of what you do. You come here to argue about BYU v Utah. You not only obsess about BYU as compared to Utah, you obsess about BYU *fans* and what they think and say… to the point that you need to come to THEIR BOARD to talk about it, because you can’t find people to argue with on your own fan boards.

And why is that?

Because there are no BYU fans who are obsessed enough about Utah to do what you’re doing.

You’re a special breed. Even if you can’t see it.

But keep fighting the good fight, and spend your discretionary time here to prove that we don’t matter to you.

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