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May 13, 2022
GangstaLean All-American
Update on my mom being scammed
So we called the bank and there is no way for them to cancel the cashiers check if we do not have it in hand. This is what I assumed was the case.

So now our only hope is that because my mom sent this cashiers check via USPS instead of UPS that we have submitted a delivery intercept to try and stop the package from being delivered. So our best hope at this point lies in the hands of the United States Postal Service… Basically we are screwed 🙂

If anyone out there happens to live near the address 1208 Mora St in Clovis NM maybe you can swing by and find my man Denny Ruiz, aka some hard to pronounce name of the real scammer from India, and see whose really hanging around that joint.
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