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May 16, 2022
CougarCanuck76 Truly Addicted User
BYU doesn't pay for things without cash in hand. We will take a while to ramp up
our facilities and staffing up to B12 standards. It will take a few years to see B12 revenue come in as a full member. In the meantime Tom will gladly take $2M buyouts to help bridge the gap. That $2M can be allocated to fund some immediate needs that will make the biggest impact in our transition. Remember, the spend will be "unprecedented", but he won't spend what he doesn't have.

BYU also has extremely motivated donors lined up to give Tom money right now as well. I hope we'll see bigger facility upgrades and expansions (LES locker room, weight room, stadium/practice facilities upgrades...). These will be more long term.

Tom also has a bunch of teams on the future schedule that he can easily pull forward into 2023's schedule to replace Tenn. In fact he probably has options now to even do 2for1 deals or even 1 and done deals with formerly scheduled teams (would love to give AgeeAndee's team a 1 and done). We're a P5 now and we can now act and schedule like it.
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