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May 16, 2022
RealSimsShadY Truly Addicted User
Ended up being a 4 man scramble, with each team having to use at least 2 drives
from each player.

Started off rough, I was topping everything and rest of my group were all pretty good. I became the "lie guy", which I was more than okay with.

Sank a couple putts from 10+ feet out, one that was absolutely perfect. Neither of the other 3 hit that putt after. Good group of guys, where one in particular asked if I was okay getting advice (I'm more than happy to receive it), and it helped a lot on the back 9. Had a couple decent drives, and just getting more of the ball more often.

Dang fun, and hope to do something like that again. Fun course too, not too hard for a hack like myself
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