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May 19, 2022
TCuz Disgraced Rules President
Hey. We seriously need a BYU women’s sports or BYU women’s basketball category.
Not sure which one is better, but we need something.

I realize there are tons of requests for new categories, most of which are unnecessary. This one is needed. There is an entire topic of conversation that takes over the category that is mostly used for men’s basketball. Game threads that make the men’s basketball discussion useless. Now coaching news that is taking over the category. These are two different buckets of conversation, and the people interested in one are not necessarily interested in the other.

- People can ignore the new category and still find men’s basketball discussion
- Fewer people complaining that they don’t care about women’s sports. Getting suspended for that now is silly, but if there is a dedicated category then it’s deserved. They can ignore it.

- I guess some people may get upset that other’s don’t care about women’s basketball or something. (I don’t get it.)

Give the people what they want. Right now, the category is mostly about men’s basketball and then completely gets taken over and is useless at times, which is unnecessary.
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