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May 20, 2022
CBaass All-American
Met a fellow alum on the plane today
I don’t usually chat people up on planes and I didn’t this time either, the old timer was chatty and I didn’t mind. It was a quick flight between Seattle and Spokane.

Turns out the guy went to BYU in the 70s and was a Vietnam era veteran. Very nice guy who had a couple of interesting stories.first one was that he was a student when Wilkinson was President. He said there were no caffeinated drinks on campus except for Dr. Pepper. Then one day the Des News did a story on caffeine levels of different beverages and the Dr Pepper was taken from the machines after that.

We talked about our families and what our kids were doing. I heard the normal stuff about kids and grandkids but then he tells me that one of his daughters sadly got involved in drugs. At one point she tried to kill him and collect life insurance. Obviously she failed and served 9 months jail time for attempted murder and is now in and out of rehab.

Anyway, I didn’t think to ask if he was on Cougarboard. So potential missed connection. Hey Mr Gray, if you are on CB, shout out to ya, all the best to your wife and send me a FO request.
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