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May 27, 2022
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What to do? My wife was attacked & bitten by our neighbor's dog last night.

Background: Amazon had misdelivered some package to our front porch so my wife was bringing them over. Neighbor (adult woman) opens the door and thanks my wife for bringing them over and out of nowwhere a large dog (Great Pyrenees mix per owner) comes tearing out the front door, growling agressively and immediately lunges out my wife clamping down on her left elbow.  Shook loose and then it lunged again, clawing my wife's legs and biting down hard on her abdomen.

Meanwhile, the owner is screaming at the dog, trying to get it off of my wife, but clearly cannot control it.  Dog lets go of my wife and goes tearing down the sidewalk toward a different neighbor's house where there are kids playing in the front yard.  Neighbor finally drags dog back into her house.

My wife, understandably shaken, comes back into the house and tells me what happened. She is bleeding and has deep puncture wounds.

Neighbor came over a few minutes later, very apologetic and sincere that she didn't mean it for it to happen, that it's her daughter's dog who just moved in.  She promised to get the dog trained so it won't do it again, offers to take care of any medical costs (note: we like this neighbor and have had no issues in the past).

What to do next regarding the dog? What would you do?  We have lots of little kids in our cul-de-sac that play outside and we are afraid what could happen if this dog gets out.

Looking for advice.






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