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Jun 21, 2022
krindorr Contributor
A list of every recruit BYU has signed out of Florida

2014: QB Hayden Griffits (0 stars, walk-on)
2012: OLB Phillip Amone (2 stars, 77.32 rating)
2008: WR O'Neil Chambers (3 stars, 85.1 rating)
2006: S Brandon Bradley (2 stars, 70.0 rating)

And that's it since near the turn of the century (2002 onward, when 247 has lists)

Over that same time period, Utah has signed 18 out of Florida. Utah St has signed a bunch as well

Under Sitake especially, we've focused MUCH more on the local area.

2002-2015 Recruiting Location Breakdown is as follows:

"Mormon Belt" (Utah/Arizona/Idaho): 42.5%
Utah: 36.0%
California: 29.6%
Texas: 8.1%
Florida: 1.3%
Other: 18.5%

And Sitake-era (2016-2022) Recruiting Location Breakdown is as follows:

"Mormon Belt" (Utah/Arizona/Idaho): 53.9%
Utah: 42.5%
California: 20.4%
Texas: 3.6%
Florida: 0.0%
Other: 22.2%

For comparison, where Utah recruits have come from in the same 2016-2022 classes

"Mormon Belt" (Utah/Arizona/Idaho): 30.2%
Utah: 23.3%
California: 28.3%
Texas: 12.6%
Florida: 7.6%
Other: 21.4%

If Utah St can convince recruits to come from Florida (7.4% of their recruits) to play in Utah, then BYU should be able to do the same.

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