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Jun 22, 2022
Turnpike Lane CB Barometer
Netflix Show recommendation: Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies and the Internet. It is fascinating and disturbing.

Only watched 3 so far, but it really does a great job showing how the internet has been used to create extremism in AMerica.

E1 was about Swatting and the main person behind it.  WHat a messed up dude.

E2 was about all the lies, deception and motivations behind the distortion of the Seth Rich murder.  People and companies were sued and lost over it.

E3 is the most disurbing so far.  The main person interviewed is a former member of an Alt Right group and a recruiter for them. Group is Identity Evropa, now known as American Identity Movement.    She, and yes I said she, is very compelling and you can tell she is now very ashamed and embarassed about her past.   But holy cow these groups took to Trump like flies on crap and he did not rebuff them, even encouraged them.  This is why he was, probably rightfully, accused of encouraging this movement in ways that had not been done since the 90s.

There is language in these so be warned.  But they give another fascinating look at how the internet is used to recruit and radicalize people.  They go after Youtube here primarily, but other platforms too.

E4-6 still to go.  Been a crazy watch.

Produced by Ron Howard and Brian Glazer.


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