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Jun 22, 2022
StantonMac Monkey see monkey do
Not speaking about Tuiaki specifically, but I'll defend any coach against
most online fan criticism that says "he should have done this" or "he should have run that play" or "he should have called a timeout" or whatever. Anything that is a fan second guessing a specific play or decision is ridiculous simply because of a) hindsight and b) knowledge.

Hindsight: Knowing that a particular play call or decision did not work does not mean that whatever you think he should have done instead would have worked.

Knowledge: The coaches have so much more knowledge generally, as well as specific information, that a fan telling them how to do their jobs is silly. For example, a fan doesn't know the other team's tendencies for downs and distances. A coach uses that information to inform their decisions. Etc. Etc.

I don't care if fans complain about the overall results - but don't try to pretend you know the reason for those results and/or what should be done to get different results.
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