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Jun 22, 2022
nybyblue All-American
Royal needs to be done right, there were years where the fan gear sold as royal
was a faded mess. Navy got a foothold because of those years in 80s and 90s where all sorts different shades of royal gear was printed on fabric that really did not pop and all that gear looked like "grandpa's faded crap-gear." I remember buying the best gear that was available and all of it looked horrible. There was no uniformity to the royal and the default was some sort of faded aquamarine faded junk. That is why Navy got traction, Navy is really hard to screw it up. I will admit, I was so tired of crappy looking "blue" that was so bland it was just awful, I jumped on the Navy bandwagon hard and fast. If everyone is honest, as soon as we switched to Navy, the entire stadium went blue for the first time, it was awesome. I think the entire fan base was happy to finally get something that looked sharp. Now, with modern fabrics, royal can be done right, I am a royal fan all the way. Royal is where we should be completely because we finally do it consistently right.
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