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Jun 22, 2022
Corn Pop Truly Addicted User
'08 OU - Went to the national title game with a defense that gave up:
45 to Texas
31 to Kansas
35 to KState
28 to Nebraska
28 to aTm
41 to OkSt

They won 34 games from '06 to '08 with a defense that was never stellar, though it was decent in '06.

TT won 11 games in '08. They gave up 41 pts to Ole Miss and 65 to Oklahoma, among other terrible defensive games.

Baylor won 22 games between '13 and '14. Please, be my guest and sell me on just how great those defenses were.

I'm tired of this dumb game. Please, please come back with some kind of coherent argument that doesn't center around, "Well, we won so it doesn't matter that the defense wasn't really good."
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