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Jun 23, 2022
ManicBlue Truly Addicted User
It's not a red herring at all. Most teams hurt us running the ball but the ones that couldn't
run the ball, hurt us by throwing the ball.

Arizona had a terrible run game but killed us through the air. They only rushed for 80 yds but passed for 345 yds on 75% completions. We gave up 425 yds to them. Only 2 other teams gave up more to Arizona. Arizona averaged 17 pts/gm. We gave up 16 so our defense against them was nothing special.

Then, there was Baylor who not only rushed for 303 yds at 6.4 yds/carry but also passed for 231 yds on 64% completions.

Also, Virginia who rushed for 216 yds at 8.6 yds/carry but also passed for 372 yds on 62% completions.

The defense had good games against Utah St, utah, and Boise St. The rest were generally below average. The Boise St game was mainly lost due to a -4 turnover margin.

We just need better overall DL play in stopping the run and putting pressure on the QB.
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