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Jun 23, 2022
Dr T-bone All-American
With only 3 non-conference games that won't be too often
Utah is still your priority in state rival and we won't play them every year. There will be breaks in our series, like there is this year. Maybe BYU plays Utah State a couple times a decade if possible? We have had some fun games with them, but it serves BYU's interest best if they play a variety of teams, mixing it up and playing other P5 opponents. BYU will play an FCS most years, so that only gives BYU 2 non-conference games per year against FCS opponents, so they should be a lot more selective going forward.

I wouldn't mind if BYU replaced an FCS game with a mid to low level G5 like Utah State. FCS games are kind of a waste anyway, so maybe BYU skips the FCS game occasionally and plays Utah state instead. If Utah State is open to a 2:1, it could be worth it.
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