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Jul 4, 2022
BamaCoug All-American
Data dump: About every metric you could want to know about all P5 schools plus..
... some expansion candidate schools as well.

First though, here's a link to the spreadsheet trimmed down to just the current BigXII (sans UT/OU) with the potential 4-corner state additions:

Initial impression is it's a very balanced conference that lacks both king-pins and doormats (sure, AZ and Kansas should be easy outs for football, but make up for it with Blue Blood MBB programs, AAU status, and solid media markets.). This relative balance will limit TV contract payouts, but serves two potential advantages: 1) better relations/harmony amongst the membership and 2) unlikely to get raided by the B1G or SEC. It would therefore "survive and advance" to pick up the leftovers once the B1G/SEC raid the ACC. I'd predict Clemson, FlaSt, Miami, and one of UVA/NCState/VaTech/Duke to end up in a 20 team SEC. BigXII could pick up some of the best of the rest leftovers and could easily become a 20-24 team league that would be a definite large step down (yes in competition level, but mainly in fanbase size/brand/$$) from the B1G/SEC, but would be head and shoulders above anything else out there and would have a legitimate claim to automatic qualification to any expanded playoff of 8 or more teams. It would be even better if a promotion/relegation system could be set up where teams could move in and out of the top two tiers based on performance, similar to European soccer. Rutgers and Purdue and Vandy would have to work to keep their spots, and a surging BigXII program could be promoted up. I know that's a pipe dream with all the variables, but just laying it out there.

Would love to hear what others think of any other strengths/weaknesses of this New look 16 team BigXII...

Next, here's a second spreadsheet with just the B1G and their potential candidate schools.

Based on all this, I'd rank the B1G's desired targets (all AAU except Notre Dame; and factoring in everything like fanbase, academics, media market, other sports, "fit," brand, but with a heavy weight on CFB and a moderate weight on MBB) as:

1) Notre Dame (duh..)
massive gap
2) Washington
little gap
3) North Carolina
4) Oregon
sizable gap
5) Virginia
6) Stanford
Little gap to the rest of the AAU "also rans" who I don't think have any realistic shot at getting into the B1G
7) Kansas
8) Colorado
9) Utah
10) Arizona
11) Duke
12) Cal

How would you rank them? Does anyone else have a shot that I've missed?

Lastly, here's the master spreadsheet I've been accumulating over the last couple of years and some of it is a little dated, but feel free to peruse and comment/share/use as you so desire.

Still a work in progress. Feel free to point me towards any errors, major omissions, or other relevant metrics/ranking systems out there too. I'd also be more than willing to partner with others to help package this info in a more digestible or graphically pleasing format if anyone's interested.

How did Wake Forest ever become part of the P5...? Absolutely pitiful in just about every metric. Sure WashSt, OreSt, Vandy, and Rutgers have been riding other's coattails for years, but Wake is just the outlier of outliers.

My predictions on the future B1G:
Current 16 plus Notre Dame, Washington, Oregon, and UNC for a 20 team league... and if they go to 22, add Stanford and UVA.

Future SEC:
Current 16 plus Clemson, Florida State, Miami, and 1 or three of Duke/VaTech/UVA(if available)/NCState.

Big XII can then decide who to pick up amongst Louisville, Pitt, and any leftovers not taken above (like possibly Duke, NCState, VaTech, GaTech, BC/Syracuse etc...). What would be your idea 20-24 team BigXII?
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