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Jul 4, 2022
BUBearsFan72 Walk-on
Responses to my does Utah & Oregon fit in the Big 12 post
The 1st response seems to be a slam on BYU or both BYU and Baylor. And they go on and on slamming BYU. I don't get it?

- "When BYU fans pretend to be Baylor fans".
- "The only I problem I have with the big12 is having to play BYU. You’ll find out why soon enough.". *** Baylor (we) loved playing BYU ***
- The PAC has had a serious academic side, one of the reasons Utah got invited in 2010. There’s certainly an anti-religion bias in some schools, primarily to do with really ugly recent-past religious issues, like when BYU had no black players & Wyoming’s 14 African Americans refused to play them based on the theological discrimination against blacks.

Some ** not all ** Utah fans seem to be arrogant and out of touch. I see how they refer to BYU as little brother. I grew up in SEC country and I guarantee you no one knew anything about Utah sports, but they did know about BYU. I was the same when I was at Baylor. Never heard a thing about Utah. I'm not in favor of adding them to the Big 12. I get the feeling they would be a cancer like Texas except they would have nothing to stand behind their arrogance? What do they bring that BYU doesn't? BYU is in the Utah market but goes beyond the borders. Utah doesn't. I can see them in the merger of the remnant MWC and Pac 12.

First response is totally rational and in favor of Oregon, Wash, AZ, and AZ State joining the Big 12. Maybe Utah at a later date. But like he says, I think we should add these 4 teams he mentions and hold there. Wait for the B1G and SEC to raid the ACC and add more from there.

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