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Jul 7, 2022
davidsonlaw Contributor
I have disliked Utah enough to want them to go away since 1993
I was sitting in the stands at Cougar Stadium, and I watched a several dozen Utah fans standing during the prayer before the game and chanting "Fudge You BYU!" (only they didn't say fudge) at the top of their voices. That was the first time I had encountered yewts in person, having grown up all over due to my dad's military career. Things didn't get better. The players, cheerleaders and fans were embarrassing. I felt like Max Hall throughout. I've never wanted to see them again. Things have only gotten worse since then.

It was nice to win this last season, but not because I enjoyed the game or having anything to do with the outcome. The only thing I was happy about was another W, and it shut up the more obnoxious people in my ward and neighborhood. It wasn't more satisfying than any other game on the schedule and far less satisfying than many others.

I would be happy to put it all in the rear view mirror. I haven't had any joy in beating Utah. I just wish it would all go away. If they end up in our conference, we are stuck with them, and that's a game each year I won't watch or find emotionally satisfying at all, and if we lose then I have to put up with the incoherent rantings of the jackholes. Just end it, kill it, bury it now that we have the chance.
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