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Aug 4, 2022
SaintJeff 3rd String
BYU Sports Camps
I think the camp counselors need to be more attentive to the kids who come to these camps alone. My son is currently attending the Tennis camp, we are from a smaller town and none of the kids from his tennis team wanted to addend the camp with him. We thought this would still be a great opportunity for him to attend and meet some new kids. But it appears that most the kids have come in groups and they aren’t to accepting of other kids. It breaks my heart that he’s been eating his meals and attending the activities by himself. He said he tried to sit by some other campers on the first day and when he went to grab his drink someone moved his tray to another table and told him that the spot he sat down in was taken. He’s a shy kid by nature but this has really affected him. He’s now sitting all alone at each meal and feels like a total looser. I’ve tried giving him some advice on putting himself out there to meet new kids but this whole experience has made him feel even more isolated. I even called the dorm to see if the counselor could help intervene and pair him up with someone to talk to and at least have someone to sit by at the meals. But nothing came about it. It really bothers me that they would take these kids to the water park without making sure everyone has a buddy to keep track of each other at least for safety reasons. I was texting him last night and he was sitting at the water park in a area all alone after a group of the boys ditched him while he was using the bathroom. He loves the tennis part and the sport but I think if these camps have kids stay overnight they need to have people in charge who make sure all the kids feel accepted and pair kids up together just like a mission companions so no one has to feel alone and outcast. This should be a positive experience for that kind of money. Just my 2 cents
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