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Aug 4, 2022
A Man in Full Contributor
Roofer’s - any recourse?
I had to replace my roof. A bad wind storm and the next thing I know I’ve got asphalt shingles in my yard as I’m mowing.

Several roofing companies came to bid, one said due to the wind I could make an insurance claim.

USAA confirmed.

The bid came to $18k to remove my solar panels, get the new roof on, and re-install my solar panels.

My portion was a $5,000 deductible.

While I’m out of town, the work is done.

No check from USAA.

Several days go by. No check from USAA.

Finally a check arrives for $6400, we’ll below what I expected. They deducted $3k for the age of my roof as depreciation and did not pay for $3k of “upgrades” to bring my new roof up to current building codes.

So the roof that was going to cost me $5k is now $12k.

If the roofing company allegedly was going to put the same roof on, 100% covered by USAA, but did not do so, do I have any recourse? Has anyone had success arguing with their homeowners insurance that since said “upgrades” are mandated by law, they ought to cover the items to bring the house in alignment should also be covered?

One more thing for those contemplating a new roof: the check they mailed was made out to me, my wife, and our mortgage company. What to do? Mail the paper check to Kansas City, have them endorse the check, then they mail it back to me, so my wife and I can endorse the check to be cashed.

Last of all, my bid included ridge vents. When I got home to my new roof—-no ridge vents. Instead I have old tech turtle vents that the sales guy sold so hard against.

Solar panels? Reinstalled but not working.

Debris? Roofing nails and staples all over my lawn and driveway. Had to buy a new set of tires on my wife’s car due to roofing nails just far enough in the sidewall of her tires that it can’t be repaired.

Since it’s an AWD, another $700 for a full set of tires.

I hope this is the only roof I’ll ever buy.

$5000 quickly ballooned to $12,500 for a roof the salesman told me not to get.

When I called to press him, a bunch of pithy excuses.

Swallow the frog, man. You made a mistake, everyone does, now make it right.
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