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Aug 6, 2022
Xenon All-American
Retaining walls and paver paths?

I'm working on a paver path and retaining wall in the back yard. I did one section already, that was FLAT. The pavers come up right against the retaining wall.

Now I'm into a sloped section. The retaining wall block have the little lips on the back to hold them from slipping. So each tier in about 1 inch back from the tier below it.

SOOOOO, how do I do the pavers and the wall?

If I put the pavers straight and the wall straight.... then the pavers on the top will have about a 2 inch to 3 inch gap, if the pavers on the bottom are flush with the wall. I'm not thrilled with that, since that is just a place for weeds to grow and wheels to get stuck.

Or, do I put in one block crocked in each row, where that row come off the lower row. The the bottom row is at position 0. The second row has about half the row that is 1 inch back where it is on top of the bottom row, and then a crocked block, and then the rest of the row at position 0. And the third row has about 1/3 at 2 inches back, (where it is on top of the bottom and the second row, then a crocked block, then a run at position 1 where it is on top of the second row, then a crocked block, and then a run at position 0 again?

Or do I build the whole wall just a little bit off straight, sot the gap is about 1 inch at the worst, and then 0 just at the end of row, and the 1 inch again with respect to the next layer up?
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