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Sep 7, 2022
Courtimedes 3rd String
The Courtimedes Week 2 Cheering Guide

Cheering Rules-

(A) BYU over anyone else

(B) Opponents over non-opponents

(C) Possible Ranking Effects

(D) Chaos

(E) Cheer for BIG 12

(F) My Personal Preference Clear and reasonable reasons

Also (A.5) Don't cheer for the bad guys.


So here we go!

Friday, Sept. 9

Louisville at UCF | 7:30 p.m.- UCF (D&F).  

Boise State at New Mexico | 9 p.m.- Boise State (B); this should be a shoo-in for Boise, in my opinion.

Saturday, Sept. 10

No. 1 Alabama at Texas | 12 p.m.- (D) Sure, cheer for Texas here, because it would be good for the sport; but it ain't gonna happen. 

Arkansas State at No. 3 Ohio State | 12 p.m.- Arkansas State (D). Ohio State will not drop below us, but still it'd be good.

Southern Miss at No. 15 Miami (Fla.) | 12 p.m. - Southern Miss (C). 

South Carolina at No. 16 Arkansas | 12 p.m. - Arkansas (B). The better they do, the better our win will be. 

No. 23 Wake Forest at Vanderbilt | 12 p.m. - I'm leaning Vandy, because while I don't like the SEC, I don't like the ACC either.

Missouri at Kansas State | 12 p.m.- Cheer for Kansas State (E)

Western Illinois at Minnesota | 12 p.m.- Cheer for Western Illinois (D), both for the chaos, and perhaps more importantly because they are the Leathernecks.

Duke at Northwestern | 12 p.m.- Ummm... Duke over Northwestern, because (F), but Northwestern over Duke, because Duke is in my bad books right now, so... I dunno.

Ohio at Penn State | 12 p.m.- Ohio (A.5). Penn State hasn't paid its debt just yet.

North Carolina at Georgia State | 12 p.m.- Georgia State (F)

UTSA at Army | 12 p.m.- Army (Are you a patriot?)

Charleston Southern at No. 18 NC State | 12:30 p.m.- Charleston Southern (C) Because NC State is the current hot commodity, and some people would use it as an excuse to underrate us.

South Alabama at Central Michigan | 1 p.m.- South Alabama (F) Because they are new and that's fun.

Southern Utah at No. 13 Utah | 1:30 p.m.- Southern Utah (A.5). Can you imagine? That would be amazing.

Lafayette at Temple | 2 p.m.- Lafayette (F)

Western Michigan at Ball State | 2 p.m.- Western Michigan (D)

Marshall at No. 8 Notre Dame | 2:30 p.m... OK. Here we go. Despite my father's chagrin, go for Notre Dame (C); we want to be the one to burst the bubble.  

Furman at No. 5 Clemson | 3:30 p.m.- Furman (C) Because Clemson is overrated and they could drop.

Appalachian State at No. 6 Texas A&M | 3:30 p.m. App State (C) see above. Texas A&M might be overrated?

No. 24 Tennessee at No. 17 Pitt | 3:30 p.m.- Tennessee (C) Because I think they won't get up high enough.

Washington State at No. 19 Wisconsin | 3:30 p.m.- Washington State (C) Because people just need an excuse to raise it above us.

Kennesaw State at Cincinnati | 3:30 p.m.- Cincy (D, E); I don't think we're competing with them for a spot, really.

Colorado at Air Force | 3:30 p.m.- Air Force, because again, are you a patriot?

Memphis at Navy | 3:30 p.m.- Navy, because not only should you be a patriot, but we want Ken to have better luck.

Samford at No. 2 Georgia | 4 p.m.- I mean... it's a fait accompli.

Akron at No. 14 Michigan State | 4 p.m.- Akron (C)

No. 25 Houston at Texas Tech | 4 p.m.- Maybe Houston for (E)?

Iowa State at Iowa | 4 p.m.- Iowa (F) by a safety, hopefully.

Virginia at Illinois | 4 p.m.- Virginia (F)

Indiana State at Purdue | 4 p.m.- Indiana State (F)

Wagner at Rutgers | 4 p.m.- Wagner (D, F)

Eastern Kentucky at Bowling Green | 4 p.m.- Eastern Kentucky (F)

Norfolk State at James Madison | 4 p.m.- James Madison (F) has a better name.

Alabama State at UCLA | 5 p.m.- Alabama State (A.5) Anything that helps sink the Pac-12 is nice.

Kansas at West Virginia | 6 p.m.- I am leaning Kansas, because they never win.

Old Dominion at East Carolina | 6 p.m.- ECU (B)

Holy Cross at Buffalo | 6 p.m.- Holy Cross (F)

Robert Morris at Miami (Ohio) | 6 p.m.- I mean, I guess Robert Morris (F)

Gardner-Webb at Coastal Carolina | 6 p.m.- Gardner-Webb (A.5)

SE Louisiana at Florida Atlantic | 6 p.m.- Florida Atlantic (F)

UAB at Liberty | 6 p.m.- Liberty (B). I hope they do well, even with their injured QB. Poor Charlie- he probably would have won in Florida.

Kent State at No. 7 Oklahoma | 7 p.m.- Kent State (D); we won't be going above Oklahoma even with a loss, probably, but it would be fun.

No. 20 Kentucky at No. 12 Florida | 7 p.m.- Kentucky (C, D, and a little A.5)- Every loss by Florida is a loss by proxy for Utah.

Central Arkansas at No. 22 Ole Miss | 7 p.m.- Central Arkansas (C)

Syracuse at UConn | 7 p.m.- UConn (D,F) They always lose.

Western Carolina at Georgia Tech | 7 p.m.- W.Carolina (D)

UMass at Toledo | 7 p.m.- Holy Toledo (D, F)!

Alcorn State at Tulane | 7 p.m.- ALcorn State (F)

Lamar at SMU | 7 p.m.- Lamar (F)

Howard at South Florida | 7 p.m.- USF (B)

Northern Illinois at Tulsa | 7 p.m.- Tulsa (F)

Eastern Michigan at Louisiana | 7 p.m.- Eastern Michigan (F)

Alabama A&M at Troy | 7 p.m.- Troy (F)

FIU at Texas State | 7 p.m.- FIU (D,F)

Stephen F. Austin at Louisiana Tech | 7 p.m.- Lousiana Tech (F)

No. 10 USC at Stanford | 7:30 p.m.- Stanford (B, C) 

Arizona State at No. 11 Oklahoma State | 7:30 p.m.- A.S.U. (C)

San Jose State at Auburn | 7:30 p.m.- San Jose State (D,F)

Southern at LSU | 7:30 p.m.- Southern (D,F)

Georgia Southern at Nebraska | 7:30 p.m.- Nebraska (F)

Texas Southern at North Texas | 7:30 p.m.- North Texas (F)

McNeese at Rice | 7:30 p.m.- McNeese is more fun to say.

Hawai'i at No. 4 Michigan | 8 p.m.- Hawai'i (C,D,F) Michigan ALSO won't drop below us, but...

Tarleton at TCU | 8 p.m.- TCU (E)

Idaho at Indiana | 8 p.m.- Idaho (F)

Boston College at Virginia Tech | 8 p.m.- B.C. (D,F)

Nicholls at UL Monroe | 8 p.m.- Nicholls (F)

Eastern Washington at Oregon | 8:30 p.m.- Oregon (B) 

New Mexico State at UTEP | 9 p.m.- Pillow Fight!

No. 9 Baylor at No. 21 BYU | 10:15 p.m.- BYU (A). If I needed to tell you this, you're lost.

Oregon State at Fresno State | 10:30 p.m.- Fresno State (D,F)

Mississippi State at Arizona | 11 p.m.- Arizona (F)

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