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Sep 17, 2022
kosmokramer Starter
Anyone who thought BYU’s chances of a playoff season were more than 5%
Going into this game is living in La La Land. BYU is a great team has accomplished a ton in the last three years. Still has a lot of amazing things they can accomplish this year. Still be a top 10 Baylor last week. We were not favored in this game and to think we had a better chance of winning then losing is overly optimistic BYU is not a playoff team never has been a playoff team if you think we were in the 80s you’re completely unrealistic about the level of competition we were playing week in and week out.

The loss today shouldn’t change anyone’s feelings about the potential for a great season this year. Share our dreams of a playoff our first but those were really unrealistic dreams to begin with. We still have an outside chance to be in a near six conversation and certainly can be a top 15 by the end of the year if we finish strong with no more than one additional loss very doable but still remarkable. Coaches and players didn’t have the best game. But that happens to pretty much every team every year
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