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Sep 21, 2022
cougarim Playmaker
My take on Holker: My daughter is an athlete at another in-state school.
She's a captain of the soccer team. She came into the season with expectations that not only would she be starting; but that she would be seeing the majority of playing time.

She got a concussion the week before the season started and had to miss the first game. Her playing time diminished immensely after that until last week (playing just a few minutes per game). She (and I) have been pretty frustrated. The coach has not been good about honoring his word to her. The BYU game is the first game she played significant minutes. But there has been no explanation for the lack of playing time up until then.

Anyways, my daughter went to the coach and had a difficult discussion with him about the way she's being played, suggesting she will look at other options next year if things didn't change. I can only guess that Holker too had a conversation with the coaches. I highly doubt we have all the information about what's been going on with Holker and what was said in that meeting; nor do we have all the reasons he's chosen to transfer when he did. I suspect Holker came into the season being told things would be different than they have played out. That's what happened with my daughter.

Until you have been in Holker's shoes, I think it's easy to criticize. But we don't have all the information. We don't even know if there's a possibility it was suggested to him by the staff that he would be better off leaving now. I doubt Holker's dad knows all the reasons for the transfer. I think it would be wise to take it easy on him and not suggest anything about his character, his selfishness, or anything else since we don't have all the information.
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