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Sep 22, 2022
BYUMizzou Former User
I had a client who had a female employee doing telephone sales. They were
trying to sell some type of warranty product, and the prospective customer told her that the customer was a stage 4 cancer patient who had a few months to live. The female employee replied that "then it would be a lifetime warranty for you."

The customer complained to the company about the insensitive comment. The company then reviewed the tape of the call and a random sampling of other sales calls from the employee. They found a bunch of equally offensive statements and unethical sales practices by the employee, so they fired her.

She turned around and filed an EEOC complaint for sex discrimination. We went to mediation and played the tapes to the mediator. He still leaned on us to settle for $15K because the girl's attorney was a well known plaintiff's attorney who would turn around and file a lawsuit that would cost $100K to defend even if the EEOC issued a no further action letter (basically a finding that they didn't find discrimination).

It sucked. We paid five figures to the girl and went home.
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