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Sep 23, 2022
Xenon All-American
Would you be in favor of a "anonymous" post capability?
(maybe this already exists, I don't know)...

I think it would be valuable to have the option (maybe just for high level subscribers) to post some comments anonymously...

Especially in very sensitive topic areas, like religion or relationships.

I think it is amazing and super brave the very personal challenges and heartaches that some people do feel they can post here. And, I think some of the advice and support and ideas that are shared are valuable as well. I think those first posts would be, perhaps, more comfortable, if you could post it "anonymously".

I'm NOT saying that anyone that comes in can post anonymously...
AND it's not really anonymous, since the mods would still know it was so-and-so who posted it, and the rules about what you can post would still apply...

BUT, if someone wanted to say something like ..."I'm struggling with my testimony about X ..." they could post that anonymously ...
Or "My HCBW and I are fighting about Y personal issue, and I just need to vent...."

I know there are topics / questions I'd like to ask but I'm simply not brave enough to do it with my name attached. Maybe others are as well.
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