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Sep 23, 2022
DJROSS Truly Addicted User
Will Boise even be bowl eligible? Is this a single season anomaly, or is this the nadir of Boise St as some of us have
been predicting due to the shift in power leagues and market based inclusion. Not each on their own, but together. If you lack one but have the other, or have both. Boise had neither and when the shift occurred it was going to hurt coaching, recruiting and of course the value of the product on the field. The one hit Cinderella victory over a P5 team per season doesn't carry all that much weight anymore.

Now they find themselves in a conference with a 20% shot at ever making the expanded playoffs where the P5 conferences will have anywhere from 1 to 3 teams in the playoff. Could there be a possibility that two G5 champions are actually ranked higher than a P5 champion at season's end? Well if we were watching Dumb and Dumber there is a chance, but given that with the expanded playoff, SOS becomes even more important which means that conference games become even more important for the haves vs the have nots. The have nots are going moving forward to struggle finding slots to prove themselves OOC vs P5. It will actually be seen as a better thing for a P5 to have lost an early OOC road game to a highly ranked P5 team from another conference than to have beaten at home a future G5 conference champion.

I for one am still bearish on Boise State. We are watching them fall apart and it is going to get worse.
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