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Sep 30, 2022
BYUheaven Truly Addicted User
I view myself as a pretty reasonable fan. Last week I stated that the first
quarter was bad and then changes were made. Yes it was not ideal that that wyoming ran it down our throat and we looked completely lost and were getting plays in late in the first quarter but at least they woke up. Yesterday was worrying because the coaches looked again in disarray. It is pretty obvious now what every team is going to try to do to us and where they are going to attack. It is going on four games now and the coaches even said they were surprised by what Utah State was doing. How? We saw it in the second half of Baylor, we saw it against Oregon, we saw it against Wyoming and now Utah State. How is this a surprise.

We are the 103 most penalized team and increasing with 11 penalties vs Wyoming and 10 penalties vs Utah State. I swear it is like our team wants to get some type of low hit or block every game. C'mon guys, the refs are looking for it this year. Clean it up.

I am very happy with our record and our ranking. I also would like to win the next two games. If we want to win the next two games we have to come out expecting the other team to run it down our throats. We have to clean up the penalties. Both those things start with the coaches.
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