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Sep 30, 2022
Incentivize All-American
I'm as frustrated with the D as the rest--but the reason most often attributed
is so completely wrong. We he success against the run only when we went to 3 down linemen and usually only 3 other LBs in the box. 2nd half--1st half they tore us up in the run game having an additional down lineman and when we brought others to blitz.

The point is not that this is necessarily the defense scheme we should run against every team in every situation, but that the specific criticism, over and over is that that not having enough people on the line or blitizing enough is the D's problem.

It's so whacky, I wonder if I watched a different game.

I think most fans just watch the game, see that we're not successful, and than parrot things they've heard that often make no sense.
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