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Nov 17, 2022
Check-engine light drama for my daughter at SUU
My daughter was home from SUU for the weekend. While traveling back to Cedar City Sunday evening, the dreaded check-engine light came on just outside of Beaver. The car was running rough, and didn't have the normal power.

She called me for advice, and we got her directed to the Chevron where a kind soul helped her check the fluids. He then located a code reader, and was able to determine at least one of the plugs was misfiring. She was able to limp the car the remaining 53 miles to Cedar.

We called some friends in the area for mechanic recommendations, but their suggestion was booked out a few weeks. So, my daughter took it to the closest repair shop she could find. She's an 18-yo college student, needing to have her car repaired within the week (wants to come home again Friday for the whole Thanksgiving break), so of course they were honest and fair with her, right?

Nope. They wanted $450 to do a 25 minute job, with easy-to-access plugs.

So, I called another friend--a CBer who lives in CC right now--and he made some calls. He called a friend in my daughter's bishopric, who then called some young men in the ward to come help. For $125 in parts ($40 for the plugs, $85 for ignition coils), and the help of several kind people in Cedar, she can get home tomorrow as planned.

Big shout out to Big Red Thunder, his bishopric friend, the guy at the Chevron, and especially those young men who did the work this afternoon.
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