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Nov 23, 2022
rockyrd All-American
For those who want to get rid of Sitaki, you also railroaded Bronco out of town
(now you want him back-go figure), you were anxious to have LaVell gone (you got Crowton instead), now you want Sitaki gone. It makes no sense. The problem at BYU is NOT Sitaki. It is the standard of the university which means most high-level athletes aren't interested. You may have dreams of Nick Sabin coming to coach here which isn't ever going to happen, but Sabin would do little if any better than Sitaki given the challenges of recruiting at BYU. To think differently is not dealing with reality. I'm not saying BYU coaches are perfect, but given the challenges of coaching here, they do well and do not deserve the vitriol they receive on CB. Let's enjoy the success we have, keep trying to do better and deal with reality. Trying to get rid of a coach because he has one bad year is very detrimental to our program.
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