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Nov 28, 2022
Hawk Talons All-American
I believe in Zach Wilson.
I know he has been struggling, and his post-game comments were not what you want from your leader.

That said, I believe in him. I've seen him play too much to conclude that he somehow forgot how hit the short routes.

I think he needs to get his head straight and work on his fundamentals. I do believe that his off-the-field drama messed with his head. People are joking about his personal life when they don't have all the facts. When they hear it's his mom's friend they assume the person is his mom's age. She absolutely was not. She is a young woman, maybe 5-10 years older than Zach. She is NOT anywhere close to a woman in her 40's or 50's. I think that joking and drama messed with his head. I also wonder how much the drama with Dax and how public that was messed with him.

Bottom line: I have seen too much to conclude that Zach Wilson is a bust. If he gets his head straight, returns to the fundamentals and works on his foot work and improves on reading what the defense is giving him, I think he will be just fine. I hope he gets out of New York, but either way, he has to be ready the next time he gets a shot.
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