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Nov 29, 2022
byukarl Truly Addicted User
Something some of us should remember based on real life experiences
Someone may be a better "candidate" than we think for a particular position even if they were part of the "organization" that resulted in the current leader resigning or getting fired. I've seen this in numerous cases working for a company or in church positions. I think leading and following can be very different and judging someone completely based on their leadership isn't exactly a science. I doubt individuals hold back (maybe they do), but in many cases, it's a different responsibility and others looking in from the outside don't understand the dynamics of that organization and how involved or frozen out that individual may have been during those times.

So in other words, Lamb or Guilford may in fact be the best person to be DC right now and it's on Kalani and whomever else is vetting this decision to evaluate each person individually and not allow the previous DC's opinions or performance to affect the decision on who is the best to go forward with as a coach. That's why no one on CB is making the decision 😉
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