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Nov 30, 2022
Marc Spector Asset Prime
Posts like the one linked are soooo silly.
Despite what people like to presume, CB isn't group think. It's not mob rule. It's not a single entity. It's a conglomeration of thousands of voices that share some opinions and disagree on other points. It's almost

To assume that CB should act in a certain way is ridiculous. When you say this, you imply that one, a few, or even a bunch of anonymous people speak for the entire group. I'd like you to find a single, serious BYU football thread with more than a few responses where the people all agree. There may be a handful in the history of this site.

People that make these kind of statements don't seem to understand sociology very well. I hate the subject, but I at least try to understand it's nuances. You folks that like to preach to everyone else, here's some preaching for you: Either get a thicker skin or don't come to CB. CB is going to have a myriad divergent opinions on pretty much every subject discussed here. If that bothers you do much, social media is obviously not the place for you.
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