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Nov 30, 2022
byukarl Truly Addicted User
I think the problem is that there are a minority of CBers who make a majority of
posts.. not sure what type of work they do but it's sometimes pretty incredible to see how some CBers are constantly on the
board all day and into the evening, but that's their business. The reality is they are making most of the posts each day, so it
seems that "negative" CBers are rampant when in fact more people like yourself either lurk on the board without posting or
just check in infrequently.

One thing that some of the political junkies on the board, especially the moderates and libs, is they've used the "flag" for moderation
button a lot to shut down anyone they don't like or opinions they don't like. Supposedly it's used to keep everyone from being
rude to one another but it reality they just find ways to be more snarky and nasty in the political category and it then spills out
to other topics like the football category. I really think El Jeffe should eliminate the political category altogether but this is a side
hustle for him obviously and the more comments the better.

And if you've been on ANY other message boards anywhere for a sports team, it's just how it's going to be on most of them. People
can be really rude and nasty behind some alias they make up.
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