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Dec 2, 2022
Bleeding Blue All-American
People driving / parking illegally in front of my house - what can I do?
I live on a pretty quite street, not much traffic. However, our neighborhood has community mailboxes and I have one almost directly in front of my house. Awesome enough, that is NOT my mailbox and I have to walk 500 feet to my mailbox.

Due to the flow of traffic in the community, many people come down the street towards my house and then pull across the street directly in front of my house and park facing the wrong direction to get out and get their mail. There is no home across the street and plenty of wide open space for them to stay on the correct side of the street, park on the correct side of the street and then cross the street to get their mail.

I'm getting close to 40 and maybe this is just the kind of things you start to get pissed off about once you get this age but if anyone has helpful suggestions, I am all ears!
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