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Jan 20, 2023
Socrates Johnson Truly Addicted User
The Jets should NEVER draft another QB. No college kid has the confidence and
maturity to deal with that circus and the way the media and fans treat you there. All Jets QBs should be trades only, or low round draft picks about whom there will be no expectations.

If I were an agent, and the Jets were in the mix for my client and he was a QB, I would flat out tell them that my client will not sign with you. You can draft him, but he won't sign. It's too toxic there. You'd like to believe it could be fixed but the Z.Wilson situation has convinced me it is just how it is and will always be. You need someone at QB there who is mature and established enough to command respect from the fans and his teammates and when they unfairly criticize (which they are guaranteed to do) can simply flip them the bird and move on mentally. You can't have somebody playing the mental game of trying to make fans and media happy. You need someone who has mental toughness enough to just focus on themselves, all the time.

College kids generally are not equipped to do that.
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