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Jan 21, 2023
squidmark All-American
Do you have a Family Trust? What are the advantages/disadvantages?
(I put this in the Business category. Sue me.)

We're considering the benefits of a family trust vs a will. I am not of a legal mindset. But, I also know CB is the reigning prime repository of knowledge. (At least, until ChatGPT is fully available.)

So I come to you, CB, fully willing to pay the CB going rate — a POTD vote, if I recall — for a little guidance.

What are the post-setup requirements for a family trust? We're not running a business or anything. We're just considering it in lieu of a will, for the eventual distribution of assets when we die. I know this is really a conversation to have with an attorney, but I want to go into that discussion able to have at least a somewhat functional understanding.

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