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Jan 23, 2023
JoeExotic Truly Addicted User
Pope is probably the best coach BYU can get.
IMO if Pope left after this season BYU would hire Mad Dog. Mad Dog has proven to be a competent coach but I don't think he's an upgrade (even though he out coached Pope the last 2 years).

I don't know of any other good coaches that would be interested. Alex Jensen and Kevin Young didn't seem to show any interest last time around - those two are the only guys I would see as potential upgrades.

I would be much more upset with Pope if he had a solid roster with high potential and was squandering it.

That said he better get a solid roster put together quick or things could go very badly for him. He needs to find a HIGH level scorer/leader in the transfer portal for next season. We won't do much if we keep signing above average D1 players in the portal and suddenly expect them to be our best player on a B12 team.

Need to find a guy that is averaging 16+ ppg and has a well rounded game for a good team. Those guys will be available but likely will have to beat out other good P5 teams to get their services. Similar to how BYU beat out Kentucky for Haarms.
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