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Jan 23, 2023
buckeyecougarguy All-American
I think for kids its a happy balance to have the zipadee dooda part along with
the big drop. My four year old appreciated seeing some happy animatronics after taking what was to him a terrifying plunge. I think its genius for kids. It helps make it all more palatable. Theres some sort of nostalgia to it as well.

I even like waiting in the line for that ride. I like the way it smells and the texture of it. I have memories of getting to ride it over and over when the line was short at night when people were watching fireworks. It is probably the ride i most associate with being thrilled at disneyland. It along with the haunted mansion, star tours, pirates of the cb represent what disneyland is to me.

count me among those sad that they are changing it.

I think if they hit the new orleans vibe just right in the new ride they will be alright. Frog vs rabbits...i don't care. But I just don't think they needed to change it. But ill reserve judgement until i see what they do. Its just my sense of why they are doing it that bothers me.
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