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Jan 23, 2023
kimdaddy35 Future Lions Scout
What you are seeing from this team is Pope striking out this past summer. He went hard after a lot of recruits/transfers
and came up empty. Really the only semi big recruit that we landed was Rudi who had 28 points this past Saturday.

So you are Pope, you know your team needs more talent, what do you do? He tried, but ultimately came up short.

Was it his fault? Hard to say, I probably side on no considering BYU has never had a great amount of success with non-LDS athletes.

But Pope knew coming into the season he had holes. Jaxson Robinson was not plan A or even plan B. Neither was Noah Waterman.

My biggest problem with this team is that neither Fouss nor Atiki got better in the off-season (well Atiki is better, but not where I hoped he would be). We needed Fouss to become a 4 and be able to face up to the basket. It didn't happen.

Gideon George has improved, but not to where we all hoped he could get to as well. Maybe that is his limitation, hard to say.

At PG it has to be Rudi. Hall is not there. I will give him a pass because of mission legs, but I'm not seeing the athleticism I hoped I would see. He seems to be a very average athlete.
I honestly would try SJ at the point if you want to bring Rudi off the bench. He couldn't be as bad as Brock, could he?

Plugging giant holes on your team through the portal is never a good idea. But if you have to do it you have to hit. We missed.

I do see BYU type guys producing at other programs though: Bernardo Da Silva, Brandon Carlson, Steven Ashworth
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