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Jan 23, 2023
Eddie All-American
We had this happen at a school parking lot.
My daughter came out to find a note on the windshield from someone saying that they'd watched another student hit her car, seen the car move as they hit it, and then saw them drive away. They described the car, driver, gave the license plate number, etc. I was at work, so I told her to contact the police and give them the note.

We gave the info to the police - who contacted the driver's parents. And the driver's parents talked to the driver, who insisted it never happened.

Police asked us what we wanted them to do. I got home and saw the car - a 15 year-old Honda that had been driven by our teens for the last 3-4 years. It had enough minor scrapes and paint rubs from various things that to be honest, I'm not sure we couldn't identified the damage. So I told them to forget it. Which probably should've been the approach from the beginning - but I was annoyed, like you, that someone would hit the car and drive away.
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