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Jan 23, 2023
Cheap Seats Contributor
Any construction estimators on the board looking for a change of pace in CA?
Good construction estimators are hard to find, there just aren't that many of us, I'm hoping CB will help me.find a diamond in the ruff.

First off, working for an owner is great, unless you like working crazy hours and never feeling like you can take time off. Currently we have a string of these opportunities because of a recent restructuring, which isn't normal. Most of the time they are hard to come by because the benefits are too good, and people just park there if they are lucky enough to snag a position.

It's not a glamorous job. All of the work is $10 million and under. There are tight policies on what we are allowed to accept from sub-contractors (no free golf, etc...) So you check your ego at the door, but it's truly 40 hours a week, the deadlines are manageable, there is a fully funded pension plan and a 401k that is contributed to whether you match it or not. Also, your healthcare is pretty much free, and you get 3 weeks of PTO to start and after 1 year you'll be accumulating 4 weeks off. After 5 years you get another week. You are actually encouraged to take all this time off. In fact if you bank too many hours (500) you start to get nasty grams from leadership requesting that you start making time to get it off their books. Sick time is accumulated in a separate bank than this. It's a pretty great place to work.

The hardest part of trying to attract talent to a company with a great benefits package is getting over the the apparent discrepancy in pay, but if you run the numbers for the actual monetary value of the benefits, compared to others in the industry it works out to be pretty competitive, i.e. your stated in me might not say what you want but your pay check and retirement accounts might say otherwise. It's really not that hard to calculate if you take the time.

If you are interested, or know someone that is please reach out and I can put in a good word and make sure it gets through the crazy prescreening process.

The position we currently have listed is for the bay area.

The Southern California position will be posted in a week or two.
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