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Jan 24, 2023
Ozymandias All-American
That isn’t what you seemed to imply in your first post on this thread.

You seem to suggest that truth was objective and seemed to imply one shouldn’t claim something as truth unless is could be objective and verifiable.

I followed with an observation that people here and in church do that all the time and I would guess that you have no issue with them doing so (to be clear, because you have asserted that I have issue and am even offended by them doing so, that I am not and find their professions of faith beautiful and am often moved by others expressions of their truth over the pulpit).

Somehow, somewhere you pivoted to attacking me as holding viewpoints I never even implied, let alone claimed, and have shifted into truth somehow being connected with whether you are being forced to go along with others dilutions. It has been quite the comical ride here.
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