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Jan 26, 2023
Cru Jones Helltrack Champion
CB, I'm hoping you can help. I would like to get a message/cameo for my daughter
here is the hard part, I'd like it from Taysom.

He isn't on cameo, that would have been too easy. So I'm hoping someone knows a way to make the request other than just sending him a random DM on Instagram.

Here is the why - TLDR; my 15yo daughter has to have lisfranc surgery next month and is bummed about it and about missing out on her basketball season.

Last spring playing soccer, my daughter's foot started hurting occasionally. The year before she had to recover from a stress fracture in her other foot so we were worried that she'd done it again. After x-rays & an MRI, the Dr diagnosed a lisfranc sprain. He didn't think it looked bad enough to need surgery so he put her in a cast and no weight bearing for 6 weeks. Then she was in a walking boot for another 4 weeks or so, all through the summer, followed by a couple months of physical therapy.

She was pretty bummed to miss out on summer basketball but was hopefull that she would be cleared by the Dr in time for school tryouts. Unfortunately the pain hasn't ever really gone away, especially with vibrations like bouncing a basketball next to her foot. So she didn't play on the High School team this year. Most other things she can do and is okay, she is at the gym everyday, can run, it's just vibrations that still cause pain.

A couple weeks ago, we took her back to the Dr to see what the next step should be to healing. The next step is surgery to put in a Mini TightRope implant. That should be better for her as she is still growing as opposed to fusing the bones.

Anyway, after spending last summer in a cast & boot, she is pretty bummed about starting the process all over again with this surgery.

As the Dad, it's my job to try and cheer her up. So this is where I'd love to get a few messages from some of her favorite athletes. I think I have a way to get a message from Jackson Emery (he was her favorite player when she started watching games with me. In her mind, Jimmer was just there so Jackson had someone to pass to when he stole the ball.) and possibly from Paisley Harding.

Something from Taysom who has dealt with a lisfranc recovery would be amazing to get for her.

I know it is a huge long shot, but I've seen CB do some pretty incredible things to help people, so I figure I'll ask.
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