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Jan 28, 2023
PHXSUNS31 Truly Addicted User
I was looking at some All-NBA stuff and was curious what other people thought
Player A in both scenarios was listed as 1st Team All-NBA at guard while player B was 2nd team…am I crazy to think player B was better?

Player A - 37.8/7.4/6.9 with 2.1 stl and 3.6 TO TS% of .561, played all 82 games and team won 65 games. WS/48 of .206 and BPM of 5.9

Player B - 32.4/7.9/15.7 with 3.9 stl and 4.2 TO TS% of .599, played 78 games and team won 49 games. WS/48 of .292 and BPM of 11.0

Is the team record a big enough factor to give the edge to a clearly superior statistical season?

Second example is closer, but still had me question it:

Player A - 33.2/6.2/8.0 with 2.1 stl and 4.8 TO. TS% of .618, played 73 games and team won 54 games. WS/48 of .221 and BPM of 5.6.

Player B - 32.8/5.9/11.7 with 2.2 stl and 5.2 TO. TS% of .610, played 78 games and team won 51 games. WS/48 of .225 and BPM of 7.4

In both cases I don’t think there’s a huge difference in defensive ability. The first group both players were named to the All-defense team(A-1st, B-2nd). The second group they have never been considered good defenders, though player A got worse as his career progressed.
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